Synthetic Turf Infill

When it comes to football, soccer, golf, and more, the quality of your footing can often determine the quality of play. That’s why our synthetic turf infill products are designed to provide confidence in performance and safety.

Silica Sand

Our top-quality sands are fully washed and 99 percent silica, offering greater playability and less chance of degradation over time. Fairmount Santrol Sports + Recreation sands can be sized to meet the specifications of your project or the specific needs of your application.


Our colored quartz is the ideal choice to add life to sports surfaces like tennis courts, artificial golf greens, and synthetic turf. This high-purity quartz is permanently pigmented in an array of colors and is UV, chemical, and acid resistant for years of beauty and functionality.
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Adds structural strength and durability
  • Thorough and uniform pigmentation
  • Dispersion technology uses no harsh solvents or caustic chemicals
  • UV, chemical and acid resistant

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